LARC Print & Media Collection

LARC Print & Media Collection

The Print & Media Collection is the LARC’s database of resources for language learning. The shelves at the LARC host many types of resources, including novels, dictionaries, language textbooks, and cassette tapes. The collection also offers resources in miscellaneous subjects on linguistics, such as Cultural Immersion, Proficiency Development, and Foreign Language Education.

The LARC Print & Media Collection offers resources in over 30 foreign languages, including critical languages like Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Farsi. For a full list of the languages offered, please visit the LARC Media Website and click on the language dropdown bar.

This collection is available for the entire SDSU community.

Looking for Something Specific?

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Examples in Our Collection:

Bahasa Indonesia Girls from Riyadh Iraqi Dialect
Bahasa Indonesia: Introduction
to Indonesian Language
and Culture
Girls of Riyadh
Iraqi Dialect Through
Monk Janzhen The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs The Stuff of Thought
Monk Jianzhen's
Journey to Japan
The Silver Book
of Russian Verbs
The Stuff of


Items in our collection can be found in SH 210. This room that has restricted access. If you need help finding an item, please ask a lab assistant!

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