LARC Language Space Schedule

SDSU language instructors are welcome to use the Language Space for their teaching and academic activities. To request using our spaces, we ask that you complete our reservation form at least three days in advance of your scheduled class or event. You will receive a message from Skedda when your reservation has been confirmed. Please request any special equipment, devices, or tech support at the time of submitting this form. 

* Please note that completing this form does not guarantee your room reservation. You will receive an email from LARC confirming your reservation or letting you know of any scheduling conflicts and/or possible alternatives to your reservation.
* Your reservations may be subject to the cancellation policy at LARC Language Spaces due to potential conflicts with LARC events.

Open Study Hours

LARC provides a self-study space for SDSU students at SH 204 when there is no class in session, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on regular weekdays. Use the schedule below to see when the Language Space is free for open study hours. To use the self-study space, just walk in or check in with our LARC assistants at the front desk if you need additional support or have any questions.