Language Acquisition Resource Center

LARC's Language Space provides SDSU world language students and faculty with rich, engaging media to support and enhance language teaching and learning. Located in Storm Hall, in rooms 204 and 205, LARC's Language Space offers an extensive set of materials and facilities, extended open hours, one-on-one assistance and a comfortable environment to support the acquisition and study of languages.

The Language Space has two fully technology enabled rooms, equipped each with 8 pods or tables, with 32 laptop stations each for students to work individually on digital tasks and assignments. SH 204 is equipped with PC laptops and headsets, while SH 205 is equipped with Mac laptops. Each room has a large projector for lectures and presentations, as well as a smart board, document camera, and available webcams to record your class using Zoom or Camtasia upon request.

Using the Language Space ensures that every student in class has equal access to the devices, connectivity, software, and technical support they need to complete digital assignments, all in one place. While many instructors use our spaces for language testing, we encourage faculty, instructors, and TAs to take advantage of our spaces for the development and application of digital projects, tasks, and assignments including:

  • Recording, and editing audio and video to create podcasts, film, and digital content
  • Collaboratively writing, editing, reading annotating texts
  • Having students attend virtual exhibits or field trips
  • Engaging in virtual language exchanges or teletandem projects
  • Accessing digital content for language learning and practice
  • Researching and gathering information in class
  • Taking interactive quizzes, gamified assessments, and online exams
  • Participating in digital debates and discussions
  • Engaging virtually with guest speakers and mentors
  • Analyzing and visualizing data
  • Film screenings (each room holds up to 50 people)

Both spaces are used for class visits, holding special events, and for student self-study when classes are not in session. Our LARC assistants are always available to provide support during your visit and to answer your question or help with technology during class.

Please explore the Language Space website and come visit us in person. If you are interested in using the Language Space for a class session, special lecture, to hold an event, or would like to arrange a tour of our rooms, please visit the Language Space Schedule to request a reservation.

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