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Q: How do I make a lab reservation for my classes?

A: To reserve for the CURRENT semester, please visit our lab website.

  • Please send an email to: [email protected] with your requested dates and specify which lab you want to use (PC or Mac)
  • We will contact you by email regarding your reservation request and if we are able to accommodate you on that day.

Note: To reserve for the NEXT semester, please do not use the website above until the end of the current semester.

To provide a more effective and efficient language learning environment, we start to plan on the next semester schedule by reaching out to all language instructors through a centralized email system around late October/April each semester for your reservation needs.

Q: How do I make a lab reservation for one-off events, such as final exams or placement tests?

A: To schedule one-off events at LARC, please reach out to the LARC lab at [email protected].

Q: I left something in the lab, where can I find it?

A: Lost items will be kept in SH204. Check first in the location where you lost your things, if it’s not there ask a lab assistant to check for your item.

Q: I am a student, how do I check out equipment such as a laptop or a headset at LARC lab?

A: Equipment or devices checkout is located at SH204.

To check out a laptop, here are steps you can follow,

  1. Complete a laptop checkout Google form or scan a QR code on the corner of each desk in SH204 to make a request,
  2. Visit the lab assistant station located at SH204 with your red ID
  3. One lab assistant will verify your ID
  4. A laptop will be checked out for you
  5. Return it when you finish using it

Q: I am an instructor/professor, how do I check out computers for my students in class?

A: Reserving the lab automatically gives instructors access to our computers.

If you want to check out more computers for your classes, to simplify the process, you can email the class roster to LARC lab at [email protected], and ask your students to go to the lab assistant station (located at SH204) to check out the computer by reporting their full name. If you need to check out more than 5 extra computers, send us an email and clearly state your request with specific information on the date and time you need them at least a week beforehand.

Q: Can I use the printer at the LARC?

A:  Black-and-white printers is located in the back of SH204. Printing is free only if the professor is present and expressly states that this is for the class. The Macs and PCs for classroom use are unable to directly send documents to the printer. In order to print pages, you must email the document to [email protected]. From there, the lab assistant will print the documents.

Q: Can I print in color?

A: Unfortunately, only the black-and-white printer is available for student use. To use a color printer on campus, you can go to the library to print your documents.